Gloria's 2014 EV Chevy Volt

Lots of Photos

For Sale 2014 V Chevy Volt

We purchase Gloria's Chevrolet Volt EV August 7, 2014 from Al Serra Chevrolet in Colorado Springs,
One of the most fun cars we have owned.

Just order a new car today 2/17/16 but won't be delivered until March 10 so selling the Volt

We paid $38,383.22 for it Aug. 7, 2014 Today it has 14,791 miles on it.
I really feel you could not get a cleaner, nicer car even if you purchased a new one

We were offered $16,500 trade in but I feel someone would be getting a great deal on this car at $20,000
I also have the quick 220 EV Power Pros charger for it which will go with the car.


Just the White Diamond Tricoat paint job was a $995 option,
It has about every option we could buy on it.


Just misc info below on how proud we were to own this car

Today October 9, 2014 Gloria finally had to fill the gas tank.
Two months, 2085 miles later with an average MPG of 229 she spent $27.89 for 8.64 gallons of gas

Car telling us to get gas super low                                                      Says we used 9 gallons of the 9.3 gallon tank, it was wrong only took 8.4 gallons

Lifetime stats:  Only getting 229 MPG


At the Pueblo County Courthouse, two EV parking spaces    At the HARP riverwalk, two EV parking spaces


2nd fill up

3rd fill up