Susie Eller Celebrate!

Susie Eller Celebrate! In Phillipsburg, KS  May 18, 2019

Rhonda, Betty, Gary, Ellen, Marvin, Gloria, Duane, Glenda

Julie Engle, Friend, Mathew Schaeffer and Jamie Schaeffer, Marvin, Betty,
Morris Engle (gave the eulogy), Duane
Ellen Adee, Delores Duncan (Susie's sister's daughter), Truman Duncan, Gloria Babcock

Delores, Truman, Gloria, & Gary

Betty (in distance), Ellen, Rhonda Mees, Duane, Gary, Jamie

Gloria, Betty, Ellen, Rhonda, Duane and Gary

Gloria, Betty, Ellen and Rhonda

Gloria and Rhonda

Kirby Ross editor of the Phillips County Review paper and 2nd cousin by Kinnion

Duane and Marvin

Rhonda and Marvin

Ellen and Duane

Gary, Ellen, Marvin, Gloria, Duane

Mother  Sarah Frances, Dec. 1, 1905 ??? -- July 31, 1940
need help with the dates

Glenda, We called it the Bogaart cemetery but this is the one we visited south of Kirwin

Eller Rosella 1875 -- 1973   John R. 1873 -- 1939
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Susie Eller Celebrate! December 16, 2018

Betty, yes, when you have time:
Do you want the names in the photos taken at the celebration?  I could give the the main family names.  
Some of the crowd were friends from the Manor where she lived before going to Hildebrand.

Susie “nmn” Eller  B-December 17, 1918  D-October 28, 2018

Wonderful celebration at Canon City Hildebrand Care Center, so great to see old friends and family again.

Well done Marvin and Duane

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