Solar Panel System at NCR
Update 7/7/09  Blackhills energy just left and we got the new digital net meter in, 0000 It's a net meter so will never be negative
Code 01 is download Code 02 is upload
Rebate is to be figured at 290 watts per panel * 18 panels = 5,220 watts at $4.50 per watt for a total of $23,490
To be paid in two to three weeks
I'll have the full costs for purchase and install asap

This is what the new meter looks like, it's all digital the 01 code is the amount of kw hours being taken from the grid
the 02 code is the amount of kw hours being sent to the grid from the solar panels
15 kw hours is 4 hours after they installed the new meter

June 30, 2009 SAGELand became green

With a lot of help from Kent Gestring of Solarenergyquest who we purchased the panels and inverter from

Both sons, Tim and Steve jr, brother Gary, elet friend Randy, Andy & Pam and Nicole gave a lot of help
Steve jr did all the welding, cad planing and most of the heavy work

Gloria and Steve worked way too hard for retired folks but being a little green is "cool"

The meter is spinning backwards and the only thing left is getting the rebate from Blackhills Energy

For those interested:
Final setup was:
One Array of 18 290 watts Schott ASE 300 DGF/50 290 panels
Tied in 3 strings of 6 panels each
Xantrex GT 5K Pure Grid Tie Inverter
Array Tile Angle 35 degrees
Array Orientation 167 degrees
124 feet of 8 guage wiring, 3 wires, postive, negative and ground
One DC shutoff box at the panels
One AC shutoff box after the inverter going into a 30 amp breaker at the main breaker box

Note from Kent at after the install:  

4 stars!!  A very neat and clean installation with plenty of supports, good disconnect plan and most importantly
you got it working very well with 27 kw of daily output!  Great sun exposure!

Click on photo for more photos and info

With 10 of the 18 panels up, it was still a long ways to go     dog is Duke, he helped some, not much

All 18 panels about 13' feet high and 38 feet wide


The magic box the Xantrex inverter changes the DC to AC             Late afternoon, still putting out 1500watts total for day was 27 kwh

The AC shutoff to the 30 amp breaker                                                                 The DC shutoff from the panels

How the panels wires went into the DC shutoff box                                              A lot of wire tieing by Gloria to get it all shipshape

Back view of array                                                                

                                                                                                                              900 pounds of junk at 20 cents a pound started the project

8 post holes doesn't sound like much, 2 days later it was a big deal

Steve jr welding                                                                         Steve jr welding with a lot of help now

Verticals up                                                                                                           Verticals and posts painted

10 panels up