Solar Panel System Clark Street

Updated 3/30/10   We're done with the panels install, wiring will be done Tuesday.

It took untill the end of February to get started on Son Steve's solar system but it's started

The $4.50 per watt rebate has already ended but he had it locked in until the end of April 2010 so
it's "get it done" time.

He's putting in the same system I did last summer but installing it different
He's installing it on the roof of his large garage, thank God that he has a forklift

Two Arraies of 9 290 watts Schott ASE 300 DGF/50 290 panels
Tied in 3 strings of 6 panels each
Xantrex GT 5K Pure Grid Tie Inverter
Array Tile Angle 30 degrees
Array Orientation 130 degrees (not sure yet)
60 feet of 10 guage wiring, 3 wires, postive, negative and ground  (waiting for this figure)
One DC shutoff box at the panels
One AC shutoff box after the inverter going into a 30 amp breaker at the main breaker box

                            Let the sun shine

First Panel, sun was wrong but it was great to get it in
2nd one was a lot faster
Combiner Box
All ac goes in, the 8 gu to inverter
Inverter and new breaker box
Xantrex inverter
Panels showing mounts